You're an Amazing Person

I'm absolutely blown away at how much you've grown in 2016.

2015 was a challenge for many of us.  Through this challenge we learned to simplify our lives, cut back on what no longer served us, and grew into a more grounded version of ourselves.  

I personally gave away a lot of clothing, decluttered my home, and quit a few of the projects I was working on to make space for something more fulfilling.  

I said goodbye to the Army Reserves because it wasn't my true calling and every time I went to my drill weekends I got a pit in my stomach and felt lethargic.  My body was definitely telling me something... there's more out there than just feeling "secure" and getting a steady paycheck.

There's a life of fullfillment that we all really crave.  To find our true potential and to make a difference.

Do you ever notice that when you give away the "junk" that's piling up it automatically makes room for time, patience, and a feeling of freedom?


I'd like to offer something to you today.  It's a change from what I would traditionally offer.  I'm now brave enough to say it's my calling. 

I've recently discovered that my calling is to help you with your passion.  It's the single most fulfilling purpose driven thing I can do in my lifetime.

To Make YOUR Life Shine!

I've recently started meeting-up with holistic business owners at Liquid Eden and it's been transformative to say the least.  

I knew in my heart of hearts that I was a leader, a teacher, and loved to help others, but I was always stuck on HOW to go about doing this.

The past few months at Liquid Eden have really opened my eyes.  Once I started giving these gifts to other business owners doors opened and ease and happiness flowed in.

If you're looking for direction in your business I'm here to offer a guiding hand.  

My goal is to meet one-on-one with you in-person, or via Skype, and then later down the road, to offer online programs to grow your business.

Here's my Holistic Business Coaching newsletter opt-in.  These newsletter's are different from most coaching sites.  They're inspirational, up-lifting, and come from my heart.  

Plus, you'll learn important tips to running your purposeful business. Enjoy!

Blessings, Tina