Purity Apothecary Affiliate Program

want to supplement your holistic business or make some additional income? 

Join our Awesome affiliate program today and receive:

  • A check in the mail each month by just giving friends and family your online code
  • You'll receive commission on all online purchases that contain your personalized coupon code
  • you'll get Free mini samples so that you're familiar with all our products
  •  We'll set-up a 1-on-1 call, or in person orientation, to become familiar with all the products

signing up is easy:

  • fill out the form below and select a personalized code "firstname" or something easy for your customers to remember.
  • I'll contact you to set-up a quick 45 minute meeting to familiarize you with all the products
  • I'll bring samples for you to try
  • give the coupon code to friends and family. When they use it to purchase products, you'll receive commission, and they'll receive free shipping. 
  • it's that simple!

why you should sell our essential oils over competitors:

  • we are not an (mlm) multi-level marketing company. we're a small apothecary who values our affiliates and customers alike.
  • Our products are 100% organic and therapeutic. they're High quality and hand blended with love.
  • there's no sign-up fees, or minimum order amounts.
  • you'll make money $$$. most essential oil companies only offer 1-2%. we offer 15 times that amount. We'll always show our affiliates some love!


sign-up and I'll contact you with a meeting time!


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When can you start?
We'll call you in 24 hours to set-up and in person, or over the phone meeting. Talk to you soon!