You're an Amazing Person

I'm absolutely blown away at how much you've grown in 2016.

2015 was a challenge for many of us.  Through this challenge we learned to simplify our lives, cut back on what no longer served us, and grew into a more grounded version of ourselves.  

I personally gave away a lot of clothing, decluttered my home, and quit a few of the projects I was working on to make space for something more fulfilling.  

I said goodbye to the Army Reserves because it wasn't my true calling and every time I went to my drill weekends I got a pit in my stomach and felt lethargic.  My body was definitely telling me something... there's more out there than just feeling "secure" and getting a steady paycheck.

There's a life of fullfillment that we all really crave.  To find our true potential and to make a difference.

Do you ever notice that when you give away the "junk" that's piling up it automatically makes room for time, patience, and a feeling of freedom?

To Make YOUR Life Shine!

I've recently started teaching essential oil classes and it's been transformative, to say the least.  

I knew in my heart of hearts that I was a leader, a teacher, and loved to help others, but I was always stuck on HOW to go about doing this.

Once I started sharing these gifts doors opened and ease and happiness flowed in. Follow what you love and I know ease and happiness will appear for you too.

Blessings, Tina

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