Gardening Tips

Organic gardening can be so much fun! 

There’s nothing I love more then pulling a fresh lemon off my tree and adding it to a refreshing glass of water. 

Isn't it amazing to watch plants grow from seedling into a yummy ripening plant?


There are small critters that can cause issues with in your flourishing garden, so I created this guide to help you keep them away from your fruits and veggies, without having to use harsh chemical treatments. 

Gardening with Essential Oils
Aphids – Peppermint, Cedar Wood EO & Neem Oil
Spiders – Peppermint EO
Ants – Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon EO
Slugs & Snails – Cedarwood, Pine, & Hyssop EO
Beetles – Clove EO
Flies, Flees, & Mosquitos – Lavender, Clove, Basil & Rosemary EO
Chiggers, Tics, & Roaches – Thyme EO

Fungus – Tea Tree, Patchouli, Narouli & Citronella EO
Caterpillars – Spearmint EO

Fruits & Vegetables
Asparagus – Basil EO
Green Beans – Lavender EO
Broccoli – Basil & Thyme EO
Cucumbers – Sage EO
Tomatoes – Basis EO
Apples – Lavender EO

Insects that protect your garden
Ladybugs – These cute little creatures remove infested beetles and feed on pests.
Bees – Need additional pollination?  Bees love coriander.

Butterflies –Lavender, Orange Blossom, & Lavender EO attract them to your garden.


Sprays – Spray a mixture of EO and water directly on your fruits and vegetables.  I’d recommend a ratio of 1:10. (Ounces of water vs. drops of EO.)  Mix-in some dish washing liquid for additional protection.

Cloth Strips – Add wooden stakes around your garden bed. Wrap cloth strips soaked in EO.  Instead of pulling them off to re-soak them, use a spray bottle solution once a week to reapply EO’s.

Cotton Balls – Cotton balls placed in burrows and nests keeps pests from using their strategic tunnels to grab an afternoon snack.
I hope you found this guide fun and useful!

For more tips and tricks on using EO’s follow me on my BLOG.

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Happy Gardening,

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