Are You Exhausted in the Afternoon? Try These 5 Invigorating Tips!

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When do you need an energetic pick-me-up? Some days, there isn’t enough coffee in Colombia to keep me focused and attentive at work.

Other times, a heavier lunch with a client will leave me sluggish.

Sometimes, I extrovert so much that I spend all of my energetic capital on other people before 10 am.

It’s easy to move through the day taking care of business, meeting with clients, planning events, and scheduling family activities without taking the time to replenish my tapped energy reserves.

It’s important to take time, even if you just have a few moments, to nourish and ground yourself. Before reaching for that next cup of coffee, consider trying some of these tips to replenish your energy reserves. 

1.  Hydrate. Many slumps in energy result from dehydration. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day can be challenging, and frankly pretty boring.

Muddle ½ cup of cucumber and a generous amount of mint leaves together in a small bowl. Transfer this to a quart of ice water or add a tablespoon of the mixture to a glass or bottle of ice water. Drink and enjoy!

2.  Wake yourself up from a midday slump with Invigorate Essential Oil Blend. Invigorate energizes your senses with this special blend of orange, grapefruit, ginger and lemongrass.

Rub two drops into the palm of your hands and breathe in the relaxing citrus scent or add 2-3 drops to a diffuser for an instant mood booster.

3.  Energize the air around you with 2 drops of black pepper and 2 drops of rosemary in a diffuser.

Black pepper increases alertness and wards off stress with its soft, woody fragrance. Rosemary increases focus, so using both essential oils will make mid-morning tasks more pleasant.

4. Pamper your pout with Peppermint Plump Lip Balm. In addition to making your lips soft and plump, this handmade lip balm will activate your sense of smell.

Your lips will feel soft and cool, and the soft mint scent will add a little "pep" in your step.

5.  Stuck indoors and restless? Add 1-2 drops of pine oil to a diffuser. On top of reminding you of your favorite hiking spot or vacation getaway, pine oil purifies the air and kills germs.

A few drops in a diffuser will instantly activate your hippocampus and brighten your mood.

To learn more about using essential oils, download Tina’s ebook “How Do I Use Essential Oils"

(Newsletter article courtesy of Bethany Steevens)

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