New Himalayan Body Scrub + Clean Hippie Roll On Perfume!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Olivia and I had a blast at the Wanderlust 108 event this past Saturday (It was a mindful triathlon held right here in San Diego)

I had fun teaching a little over 80 fellow yogi's how to incorporate essential oils into their daily lives.

In the class, I explained the history of essential oil's, how to make non-toxic home cleaning products, and even touched on how to decrease medications and replace them with natural alternatives.

This was a great opportunity that opened me up to teaching more classes in the near future!

I'm also so pumped to tell you about my new products! 

NEW Body Scrub:  I created a detoxing, exfoliating, and incredibly scented salt scrub you're going to love.

It's a Himalayan and dead sea salt scrub that smells just like our Exotic Body Butter. It contains grapeseed oil, rosehip oil, jasmine, ylang-ylang, gardenia, and lavender essential oils. It's heavenly.

NEW Natural Perfume If you've been a customer of mine for awhile, you might remember our Clean Hippie Bar Soap. Well, everyone commented on how much they loved the smell, so I created a perfume for crunchy mama's who want to smell amazing. :)  

It's a fun roll-on perfume that contains patchouli, jasmine, gardenia, and lemongrass.

Purity Apothecary

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