Wanderlust 108 San Diego, CA


In the pic above, Olivia and I are busy making products for this weekend's adventures.

For the past few months, I've been sticking close to home because I wanted to focus on my little one instead of having a ton of work on my plate.

Recently the folks at Wanderlust 108 contacted me to teach essential oil classes at their mindful triathlon event.

At first, I was hesitant because frankly, I'm a little shy when it comes to public speaking...give me a video camera and no audience and I'm somewhat comfortable. Stick me in front of a ton of people and that's another story.

I finally agreed to play along (biting fingernails) and we'll both be at the event this Saturday. I hope you can join us!

The essential oil classes start at 1:00 PM at Liberty Station. To purchase tickets to the entire event click HERE

No worries if you can't attend this time around; I've partnered with Liquid Eden Holistic Center and I'll be teaching a class on May 12th. (details coming soon)

Have a beautiful weekend!

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