Essential Oil Membership

if you're new to using essential oils, Our membership is a great place to start...

You might be wondering, what can essential oils do for me?

using essential oils can help with stress, insomnia, decrease allergy symptoms, boost immunity and overall health.

Plus, they decrease your chemical exposure to medications, skin care, and cleaning products.

  • Are you looking for an alternative to taking prescriptions and over the counter medications?
  • Would you like to switch to a more natural skin care regimen?
  • are you looking for a chemical free way to kill insects in your garden and home?
  • Do you suffer from seasonal allergies, hot flashes, pms, or soreness after a hard workout?

If you said "Yes!", then essential oils will work for you. Check out how each blend helps below......

you'll receive 12 of my most popular therapeutic Essential Oil Blends + Free Shipping each month!:

  • January | knot relief:  A natural sore muscle, Sciatica, joint pain, arthritis, and stiffness relief. Mix with your favorite carrier oil (we love coconut oil!) and add 3 drops, massage into the sore area. You can also add a few drops to epsom salts and drop them in a warm bath.


  • February | goddess:  eases menstrual cramps & calms hot flashes. place 2-3 drops on abdomen. This blend contains geranium and clary sage to assist in hormone balancing.


  • march | invigorate:  boosts your energy when you're tired. A great lemony scent for making your own home cleaning products.


  • april | chill pill:  eases stress, anxiety, and helps with insomnia. Relaxation is just a bottle away! use this blend as a natural perfume to ease stress. diffuse throughout your bedroom for a more restful sleep. 


  • may | Tension ease: effective headache relief. place 1-2 drops on your temples for easing headaches.


  • june | bug repel:  love to camp? Have pets? This blend repels insects (mosquitoes, ants, spiders, tics, and more...) It's a perfect replacement for ddt or harmful pet flea and tic products.


  • july | anti-motion: alleviates motion and morning sickness. a perfect blend to diffuse if you're an expectant mother or feeling under the weather.


  • august | mind guru: excellent blend for meditation, concentration, focus, and memory. use when meditating by placing 1-2 drops on your forehead. use just before giving an important speech or taking a test.. 


  • september | chill pill:  eases stress, anxiety, and helps with insomnia. Diffuse all night long for better sleep. place 1-2 drops in diffuser jewelry when you're stressed.


  • october | comfort blend:  lifts your mood when experiencing depression or grief.. Excellent blend for mixing with epsom salts and using during a warm bath. 


  • november | breathe easy:  relieves hay fever, allergy, and cold congestion naturally. add to a humidifier when you're sick or Mix with your favorite carrier oil to make your own chest rub.


  • december | anti-germ: germ protection. a hand sanitizer without the chemicals. Protects you from germs during cold season and traveling. Diffuse it when you have sick kiddos in the house. Great for traveling!

Here's how your ESSENTIAL OIL MEMBERSHIP works:

  • You'll receive ONE 5 ML essential oil BLEND SHIPPED FOR FREE to your door each month
  • No commitment - cancel anytime with a click of a button
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • tax included
  • receive A total of 12 therapeutic hand blended essential oils each year
  • find handy instruction guides/videos on our blog and get a free essential oil guide when you sign-up for our newsletter
  • Ships the first week of each month
  • A perfect gift for health conscious friends and family members!

Testimonials | Check out what our customers have to say!....

"I've been using Purity Apothecary Essential Oil Blends for several years and have been a member of the "Essential Oil Membership" for about 6 months now.  I've found so many uses for the different blends and have found the quality to be impeccable!  

I love to put a few drops in my bath water and in an unscented lotion.  Knot Relief and Tension Ease go with me for my massage therapist to use and I also take them to my facials to be used with the steam treatment. I love putting a few drops of Chill Pill in my floor steamer when cleaning the house, I get a nice clean scent to go along with my clean floors. So much better that the chemical scent most cleaning products give off!  

My favorite use of Mind Guru is to drop some in a pan or bowl of hot water while I'm working. It helps me focus and stay on task." - Vicki A., San Diego, CA

"I picked-up a few essential oil blends because I was feeling under the weather. I love my Breathe Easy blend and use it a lot. I put a few drops in the humidifier to help with my chest congestion, and sinus headache, and it works like a charm.  

Plus, the peppermint and eucalyptus oils smell amazing! I love to run as well and I also put just a bit underneath my nose when I head out the door and it has become one of my running rituals. It lasts a long time, so the price is well worth it!" - Ashley A., San Diego, CA

"I picked up a bottle of Purity Apothecary's "Invigorate" essential oil blend at Liquid Eden Holistic Center the other day, and as soon as I smelled it, I knew it was exactly the remedy I needed. I have been feeling very sluggish in the mornings and even more so in the mid-afternoon.  

A drop in my palm, rub together,  and wow... my yawns and desires for a nap or a cup of coffee subside. I'm ready and able to power on through the rest of my day. This wonderful oil blend has a very energizing, invigorating, and uplifting effect and I highly recommend it!" - Angel K., San Diego, CA

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