I absolutely love these products! I had a recent horrible break out of hives due to an allergic reaction from other store bought products. So I switched all my products to organic. This line is Organic and is great quality. Packaging is very cute and my hives did finally go away. I’m sure these products helped. I would definitely recommend them.
— Linda K Ontario, CA
What can I say about this company? I love their lip balm. I have used quite a few lip balms in my time, and I have to say this one is amazing! It’s cheap and cheerful, (only four bucks) and lasts for a long time. They offer many other products, all wonderful. If you’re in the vicinity of San Diego Public Market, check them out. I only go on Sundays, so not sure if they are there on Tuesdays also.
— Regina J. San Diego, CA
I love these products because they are natural but they still work. I hate buying all natural stuff and feeling like I’m even dirtier after using. But they seem to have the alchemy of good hygiene worked into the ‘holistic’ products business model. I use their soaps at my studio and I’m going to be the first in line when they come out with their yoga mat spray!
— Kirk H. San Diego, CA
The products these young veterans are making here in San Diego have all the natural organic ingredients we have been looking for. Their soaps are fantastic deriving all the fresh fragrance from natural essential oils. My favorite is the clean Hippie bar soap which is designed around patchouli oil, very refreshing and cleansing. I am also a fan of their fresh linen spray which is made with lavender, use this and you can kiss insomnia goodbye, very natural way to relax and enjoy a great nights sleep. My wife enjoys their newest body butter product, it keeps her skin from drying out in these dry winter months.Great products Gary & Tina we will be back, we are happy that you are now at the Mercato in Little Italy’s Farmers Market on Saturday’s.
— Alan A. San Diego, CA
I bought some of Purity Apothecary’s organic aromatherapy products for myself and co-worker of mine. I love that they use essential oils instead of manmade fragrances in their bath salts, linen spray, lip balm, and handmade soap. The lavender and gardenia products smell amazing!
— Lopez M. Long Beach, CA
Really great organic products made locally, I love the body wash and body butters, they smell great and last a long time (little goes a long way). They have great customer service, the owners want you to be happy and will do whatever they can to make that happen. In addition to all that they are a veteran owner company so one more reason to support this great company. They keep coming up with new products, I can’t wait to see what’s next.
— J.D. San Diego, CA
I was given a sample of the Exotic Shea Body Butter and loved it! I’m not usually into body butters, but this one absorbs well into your skin and helps it heal from dry weather. It doesn’t stay greasy. I am also very wary of smells and this one has almost no smell at all, which I like. I also really like that all ingredients are organic. I would recommend it to anyone. After looking at other reviews, I am going to try the Breathe Easy blend next.
— Emily G. San Diego, CA
If you’re looking for the highest quality products at reasonable prices, look no further! Everything I have gotten from Purity, I have absolutely loved! The exotic body butter has an amazing scent and healed my dry cracking heels in a matter of a few days. The lip balm, all 3 that I’ve tried, were wonderful...no more applying waxy Chapstick 30 times a day! After the very first use of the peppermint lip balm, my lips were soft and thoroughly soothed. One of my very favorites is the Lavender essential oil. I suffer from horrible insomnia and headaches, and found that adding a few drops to a hot bath not only relaxed my migraines away, but allowed me to fall right asleep once I got out and went to bed. You have a customer for life after seeing how wonderful your products work, first hand! Thank you!
— Jennifer K. Bridgeview, IL
I have been using Purity’s lavender linen and body spray and other scents for years. I use it at night to help me sleep and spray on my clothes or body for fragrance. I do not like to put toxins on or in my body. These oils don’t contain any toxic chemicals, so unlike other brands, I can spray it on my skin and not have to worry. Purity Apothecary makes great organic products! I have also been using their bath salts for years and love them.
— Andrea S. San Diego, CA
A friend from San Diego recommended a wonderful product for my dry cracked feet. BODY BUTTER! Good stuff. Use it all the time. Feet are soft and heels are healed. If you are in a cold or dry climate this product is for you.
— Elizabeth A. Manhattan, IL
I use Purity Apothecary’s Anti-Germ Essential Oil Blend during flu season. I like it because I have children in the house and it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. We usually put a few drops in our diffuser to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses in the air and place a few drops on our feet when we’re sick. I love the scent of the clove, lavender, and eucalyptus essential oils. I’m also a fan of the Peppermint Plump lip balm! I live in the Midwest and winters are harsh on my lips so the lip balms do the trick. These products are some of my favorites because they’re all essential oil based, organic, and handmade.
— Melissa N. Minooka, IL
I can’t say enough good stuff about Tina and Purity Apothecary. I stumbled across her products while on a visit out to CA. All of the essential oils I’ve purchased are high quality and help me so much physically and mentally. I always get compliments on the wonderful smells coming from my desk diffuser at work. I’m really excited to see they will be carrying single essential oils at Liquid Eden. And when I’m not out visiting CA I can purchase them online. Tina is always accommodating if something gets lost in the mail and she works quickly to fix whatever is wrong if there is. Definitely pick these up whenever you can.
— Vicki K. Des Plaines, IL
Very interesting selection of products and lovely scents. The “clean hippie” bar smells really good but my personal favorite is the “morning citrus”. Shower with it every morning and it has a great crisp clean scent.
— Tanith B. Chula Vista, CA